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Monday, March 11, 2019

Willie Racks

Band Name: Willie Racks
Music Style: hiphop rap dancehall rnb
Influences: 2pac
Label Affiliation: Unsigned
GeographicHometown: brooklyn
Country:United States
Band Description: New York style a little bit of Biggie mixed with Jay z. Mainly reality Rap inspirational and Fun music to dance to

born and raised in Brooklyn Bedstuy. raised by my grandmother and aunts do to the tragic death of my mother at the age of 11. got kicked out of school at the age of 16 , rather be in the streets than my books. shortly after relationship with my grandmother got bad and got put out because we couldnt see eye to eye . during these time poetry was my outlet . i was good with words and creating metaphors it gradually turned into raps . everytime i would hear a beat words would pop up in my head it became obssessive . i coudnt control it . Now ive develop my own sound and flow to where i standout more than others . all this is a mix of the man that is here today !


Band Name: Weeks
Album Name: This One
Year Released: 2018
Music Style: Hip-Hop
Influences: 2pac
We Sound Like: Weeks
Performing Rights Society: ASCAP (USA)
Label Affiliation: Independent Label
GeographicHometown: Jacksonville
Country:United States
Band Description: A very versatile Southern artist!
Artist Biography:
Weeks was born in Philadelphia, PA.  always was an active young man growing up by playing football from elementary to High School and always a team player. Like some kid's growing up Weeks didn't have it easy, So trouble wasn't hard to fine and the life that came with it. Fortunately he had other plans in the making also. Pursuing his music career and turning to the streets to support his needs he hustled all night and day to create an studio from the ground up and completed his mission. Now at home in Jacksonville Florida Weeks still reach's his goal as A artist and as well as a business man.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Te Verse

Band Name: Te-Verse
Album Name: NOT BY SIGHT
Year Released: 2018
Music Style: Inspirational HipHop
Independent Label
GeographicHometown: danville
Band Description:
Danville native has released his debut album, “Not By Sight.” Virginia, NOVEMBER 23, 2018: Locally known praise and worship leader, wedding singer, songwriter, and God-fearing young man, Tevris “Te-Verse” Fitzgerald has released his debut album, NOT BY SIGHT on November 23, 2018. Te-Verse released his first single, NO MORE on March 2, 2018 which peaked at #34 on the Gospel Billboard charts. NOT BY SIGHT was written by a group of amazing, seasoned writers which included Lincoln “Link”Browder, Charnel Allen, and Krazy Figz. Te-Verse also accompanied and wrote a number of songs on his debut album as well. This collaboration projects songs with an inspirational and gospel vibe. The album offers the strong vocals, innovative production and mastering, and lyrical talent. NOT BY SIGHT is collection of music that covers a variety of musical genres. The album includes music that give Hip-Hop and R&B vibes as well as your contemporary gospel with your worship and even includes a hymn for the older crowd. All races, creeds, and backgrounds will enjoy the music and flavor of this album. NOT BY SIGHT was made for young and old people. The mission is to positively impact the lives of every individual that listens to it and to draw people to Christ. Te-Verse wants people to know that it is fun to love Christ! NOT BY SIGHT is available in on all digital media outlets including itunes, YouTube, Amazon Music, Deezer, Iheart Radio, Amazon on Demand, Google Play, and Spotify. This article is a press release. To learn more about this project and upcoming events, please contact Anthony Walker, Manager Danville, VA Office: (434) 797-2024 SOCIAL MEDIA

Lucky Dabbo$$

Band Name: Luckydabo$$
Album Name: The Message
Year Released: 2018
Music Style: Hip Hop
Performing Rights Society: BMI (USA)
 Label Affiliation: Unsigned
GeographicHometown: Oklahoma City
Country:United States

Band Description: Fluent in English and French, Luckydabo$$ is bringing a new taste to Hip Hop music.Sending me$$ages thru music is what Luckydabo$$ does best. Enjoy !!!

Artist Biography
I am an Akan, my name is Yovan Brindou and everyone calls me Luckydabo$$. I am the founder of a

NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) called Action pour le tiers monde / Action for the third world.

The goal of the organization is to come to people assistance all over the world and help improve lives

and living conditions.

My people are from the Ashanti Kingdom in West Africa, in what is now Ghana and part of Ivory Coast.

After several wars with the colons the kingdom spread all over the west coast of Africa with the Main

seat still in Ghana.

My people migrated and my great-great-grand ancestors moved their communities and their people all

the way toward the left (Which is the East part of Ivory Coast) where they settled.

I come from a royalty, my Great-great grand Father took care of our people and passed it down from

generation to generation.

In 1989 my father came to the U.S with bigger goals and ideas in mind. My father was very active in

social issues in Ivory Coast and was involved in a lot of good projects for the people.

I joined my father in the U.S around my 18 th birthday which was a very good moment.

Growing up, I was a very active kid. I played soccer for major teams in Ivory Coast since the age of 7

(Stella Club, WAC, I was selected for under 17 national team) and I was acting and performing

sometimes for my school and church, maybe it is a Gemini thing who knows  .

I kept on doing the things that I loved doing when I got to Brooklyn New York City. I continued school

and graduated from high school while doing music, performing and hanging out with friends. I went to

college and joined the U.S Army which was a great experience. I also met people who loved music and I

decided to take it to the next level.

Luckydabo$$ is also a certified Architect, Real Estate agent, an engineering Technician (Seagate, Dell

Technology), Major in Economics, Ex U.S Army Logistic Specialist, a linguist (Fluent in French and

English), President of the NGO Action Pour le Tier Monde. When I got out of the Army (August 2008), I took the driver’s seat to control the path that I wanted in

my life so I slowly worked my way up and purchased the things that I needed in order to break the


I put my recording studio together and started to produce hits after hits.

It was a tough road. I met good and bad people during my journey and I do not think it will stop when

you have missions and goals.

Because of life experience, I called my single “Dedication” for anyone out there to know and understand

that in life you will reach your goals only if you associate yourself with people with the same mentality

and hunger for success.

Music heals souls and I will heal as many souls as possible with my music that’s why I chose to bless

people lyrically in both French and English and hope to reach a large audience worldwide.

I bless the POWER for allowing me to share this ability with the world.

Get ready to enjoy this new energy in music brought to you by Luckydabo$$.

Yovan Brindou Luckydabo$$