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Sunday, February 24, 2019

New Site and New Blog!

So NTROradio has a new site and the radio is back up and running. The blog is hosted and ran on blogger so I should be able to update it at anytime. The stream is powered by Radionomy and has approximately 109 artists in rotation already. I'm adding more each week. We already have one weekly show on Tuesday nights. My long time friend El Chazmo has brought his newest show "Speed Limit 20" over to NTROradio from another station that we shall not speak of.
It hits the airwaves at 9pm EST. Be sure to listen and call in.

I also have an upcoming live show with Mike from We will be on March 3, 2019. I will post a time when we finalise it. It will be recorded and get replays for a good month or so. We are going to cover some very important details that artists need to do and what Music Submit can do to help them with.