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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Hyde Out

Band Name: Hyde Out
Album Name: Technicolour Ghost
Year Released: 2018
Music Style: Indie Rock
Influences: Travis
We Sound Like: Suede
Performing Rights Society: PRS (UNITED KINGDOM)
GeographicHometown: London Richmond
Country:United Kingdom

Band Description: Our music is inspired by different musical backgrounds and tastes. We think this led to a fairly eclectic album, with songs that range from Travis and Keane-inspired tunes, to acoustic songs in a Crowded House style, and even psychedelic folk.


Hyde Out are a duo from London, UK. Their first album, "Technicolour Ghost" was recorded over a period of 4 years mostly in a garden shed at night time. The song "Nights" catches that mood, as it talks of embracing the cold London nights. Jaka mainly sings and plays rhythm guitar. Sometimes he plays other random things, like beer bottles on the psychedelic and catchy song "Talk to me". Omar plays mostly electric guitar, bass and keyboards; sometimes he sings too, like on the gritty vintage rock-inspired "Passer-by". Together they play all instruments on their album. When they met 4 years ago in West London, they were just enjoying strumming and singing together at parties. Then they started writing, just for fun. And then they ended up recording and putting an album together, with the aim of creating someting fairly eclectic that catches different phases of their lives. They like to think there's a bit of everything in their new release... From chill acoustic tunes like "Nights" and "Bring on" to sweet ballads like "Rain" and "Fluent in Silence", and from British-rock songs like "Open Chain" and "Hollow" to heavier pieces like "Over This", "Times" and "Speed Up".

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