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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Preston Keith

Band Name: Preston Keith
Album Name: Moonshine and Mascara
Music Style: Country
Label Affiliation: Independent Label
GeographicHometown: Rock Hill


Preston Keith was born on October 17th, 1990 in a small town known as Rock Hill, South Carolina.
When he was 14 years old his Paw Paw gave him his first guitar which was a very old Yamaha electric
guitar. From that moment on Preston made sure to have the dedication it takes to teach himself how to
play. Growing up he always told himself, “If this is something that you really want then there will be no
giving up.” Preston Keith started out learning a lot of 80’s Hair Metal and Classic Rock songs even though
he was brought up on country music he eventually took influence from the heavier Rock genre.
At age 18 he began singing and songwriting. Preston says, “If I haven’t lived it then I’m not writing it.
Nobody wants a fake song, so when you hear me just know it’s real, it’s happened and it’s probably got me
in trouble and a few fist fights.” After writing several songs he decided to branch out into the public eye and
get into the gigging scene of his hometown. Til’ this day Preston’s favorite place to play is a biker bar, “It’s
just something about the atmosphere,” he says.
Aside from playing shows, he was also a contestant of American Idol & The Voice but preferred doing his
own thing so he kept to his songwriting. When it comes to songwriting he has always went against the grain
and tried to be different from other artists out there but still be himself as well. “If there’s a road less traveled
Hell I’m taking it,” he says.
Even though music has always been his passion and his dedication was always there, in 2017 he was
ready to call it quits. July 4th, 2017 his best friend Jason was in a terrible motorcycle accident and his stepmother
Kelly was battling Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. At the time he was trying to raise money by
selling t-shirts to help with Jason’s medical bills and whatever the family may need. Along with that Preston
had also played a benefit concert to help raise money for his step-mother’s medical bills.
Preston said, “This is going to be the last show that I ever play.” At the time, everything that was going on
was just too much for him to bare. Preston had taken some time off from songwriting to be there for his
friends and family through those devastating times. Unfortunately, November 4th, 2017 his step-mother
Kelly had lost her fight with Cancer.
A few weeks after the funeral, he receives a phone call from a record label who had heard some of his
original music and was interested in cutting a full album with him. At first, from everything he has dealt with
in the past year he was ready to turn down the deal. He was dealing with depression and was in a very
emotional state. After about a month of really thinking about it he decided to take the offer. He said, “After
all these years of blood, sweat and tears, experiences, good times and bad, they are the reason I have
these songs.”
Preston Keith has also stated, he believes this first album is all because of his guardian angel in heaven
watching over him.

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