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Monday, March 11, 2019


Band Name: Weeks
Album Name: This One
Year Released: 2018
Music Style: Hip-Hop
Influences: 2pac
We Sound Like: Weeks
Performing Rights Society: ASCAP (USA)
Label Affiliation: Independent Label
GeographicHometown: Jacksonville
Country:United States
Band Description: A very versatile Southern artist!
Artist Biography:
Weeks was born in Philadelphia, PA.  always was an active young man growing up by playing football from elementary to High School and always a team player. Like some kid's growing up Weeks didn't have it easy, So trouble wasn't hard to fine and the life that came with it. Fortunately he had other plans in the making also. Pursuing his music career and turning to the streets to support his needs he hustled all night and day to create an studio from the ground up and completed his mission. Now at home in Jacksonville Florida Weeks still reach's his goal as A artist and as well as a business man.

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